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How to Issue a Private Licence

This article goes through the steps for submitting a private license for your plugins that you have created.


  1. You have to login to our Developer Portal.

  2. Go to the Licenses.

  3. Click on Generate New License Key and it will show a popup Generate New License Key.

  4. Choose your plugin, number of installs allowed, and put the emails in send to section, then click Generate.

  5. You will see your generated license in your license page.


file system


  1. View: It will show you all apps are using the current license.

  2. Status: It will show you the current status for the current license.

  3. Actions: Revoke: This action will make the current license not active and the plugin will be not active on all apps are using this license. Reactive: This action will make the current license active and will enable again all plugins on apps are use the current license.

  4. Manage: It will allow you to update the number of installs allowed for the current license.