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Camera Service

This service accesses the device's camera.


This service works only on devices



Include camera.js file in widget header right after the buildfire.min.js

<!-- ... -->
<script src="../../../scripts/buildfire/buildfire.min.js"></script>
<script src="../../../scripts/buildfire/services/camera/camera.js"></script>


#, callback)

This method will open the device's default camera application that allows users to snap pictures by default. It may also ask the user for permission to access the Camera if it hasn't previously.{}, (err, imageData) => {
if (err) return console.error(err);
console.log("Image src is" + imageData);


qualitynumbernoQuality of the saved image, expressed as a range of 0-100, where 100 is typically full resolution with no loss from file compression.50
destinationTypenumbernoChoose the format of the return value. 0 for Data_URL, 1 for FILE_URI.1
sourceTypenumbernoSet the source of the picture. "0 for PHOTOLIBRARY, 1 for CAMERA and 2 for SAVEDPHOTOALBUM".1
uploadbooleannoAllows automatic upload of the captured image to pubilcFiles. The callback will return a url to the uploaded image. Setting this option to true will ignore destinationType.false

callback(err, imageData)#

Callback function that provides the image data

errstringerror string, null when operation is successfull
imageDatastringImage src or data uri, depending on destinationType