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API Keys


API Keys that will be used in the App and other features in buildfire.

You can set these keys in buildfire control panel under Advanced > Api Keys.

If you are developer and your plugin is using services that require one of the following keys, you can set test keys in buildfire sdk plugin tester, under API Keys page.

API keys:#

Buildfire API Public Key#

This key is used for buildfire public APIs and it will be needed in some of the SDK services, for more information check Buildfire API Swagger

Google Api Key#

Goolge API Key used for google services. Read more on google documentation

Google Map Key#

Goolge API Key user Maps JavaScript API. Read more on google documentation

Stripe Publishable key#

Stripe publishable key.

You can get this from your stripe dashboard, check stripe documentation for more information.

Credit System Public Key#

Read more on BuildFire knowledgebase